]> Matthias Wimmer (溫雅石)

Please encrypt your messages to me!

Please try to encrypt your messages sent to me whenever possible. You can send me PGP mails (in either format: inline or PGP/MIME).

PGP and GnuPG

For PGP you have to install additional software most of the time. If you want to send PGP-encrypted e-mail, please use my key with the id 70D6C898 (long id: 7AC7631D70D6C898). You can get this key either using the standard PGP keyservers or you can download it here on this server.

(Notes on other PGP- and GnuPG-keys I am using can be found here.)

Check authenticity

The best encryption only has limited value, if you do not verify, that the key really belongs to the intended receiver of the message, and not to someone else, that created the key using a wrong name.

As a first characteristic you can verify the fingerprint I have published here. But it is better if you verify the fingerprint, when we meet face-to-face. For that reason I normally take my fingerprint with me.


The fingerprint of the PGP key I am currently using is: CAEC A12D CE23 37A6 6DFD 17B0 7AC7 631D 70D6 C898.

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