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ZooKeeper, Distributed Process Coordination

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ZooKeeper is a component that facilitates building distributed applications. It is:

The data managed by ZooKeeper is presented in a file system like manner with directories and files whose names get separated by slashes (/). The difference to a file system is, that you can store information in the directories as well. Or seen differently: directories are files at the same time. Based on this simple abstraction, users of ZooKeeper can implement things like leader election in a cluster of software instances.

The book by Flavio Junqueira and Benjamin Reed

The book is written by two experts of ZooKeeper, that know how it works internally and what are the pitfalls in which the users can trap. Flavio Junqueria is one of the ZooKeeper's contributors. Benjamin Reed helped to start ZooKeeper.

I was reading the book, because I is the basis for other distributed software systems I made myself familiar with the last months, including Akka and Mesos. I always think, that it's a good idea to know at least one layer below the layer I am actually using. I allows me to understand better what I'm doing and how to do it right.

The book starts by giving an overview of the concepts and basics used by ZooKeeper. It introduces an example master-worker application, that is implemented using different languages afterwards:

Other topics discussed in the book are:

I think, that this book is a highly valuable resource for anybody working with ZooKeeper either directly or indirectly by using some other software, that uses it.

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